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Every business knows it needs a Web site to make it in today’s marketplace.  But, do you have the right Web site?  Is it more focused on looking nice or meeting the needs of your customers?  Do you employ some of the latest technologies that may look great, but actually hinder your audience from connecting with you?  In short: is your Web site working for you or against you?

Your Web site should be treated as “home base” for all of your marketing efforts.  All of your other activities (e-mail, social media, off-line marketing) should push customers back to your Web site where you can show them who you are and what you can offer.  At Dijital Farm, we believe that every business has a story and your Web site is the place that story is told.

Dijital Farm’s Three-Step Process
No matter whether you want to overhaul your current Web site or build a brand new one for your business, Dijital Farm can help.  We work through a three-step process to strengthen your Web site and prepare it to serve as the hub of all your marketing efforts.  That process includes:

  1. Define/understand your company’s core business objectives.  A solid Web site is focused on helping you grow your business.  In order to do that, we need to understand what you’d like to accomplish with your business and then plan/build your Web site accordingly.
  2. Develop a solid information architecture (IA).  The IA is the structure of your content on your Web site.  A solid information architecture is critical to helping visitors to your site find what they need AND for search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your site can compete in the search engines.
  3. Design/develop.  Once we’ve defined your business objectives and created an information architecture, we then create Web site designs that will appeal to your audience and develop the site using the design you select.
Are you ready to strengthen your company’s Web site?  Contact Dijital Farm today to for a consultation to learn how Dijital Farm can help!


Jon Parks


Founder/Lead Dijital Strategist at Dijital Farm, Instructor in Social Media, SEO, PPC and Google Analytics

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