Online Video

online-video-advertisingNothing tells a story like video.  Video is engaging in a way that words and audio-only cannot be.  Video lets us see, feel and experience the story through the eyes of the storyteller.  We believe that digital marketing is about telling a story– the story of a company, an organization, a product or a service.  And hands down, video is one of the best ways to tell that story.

Is a video right for your business?  Dijital Farm can help you determine the answer to this question and then help you translate that video from idea to reality.  Perhaps it needs to be a simple two-minute, one-person explanation of a service that you offer.  Or perhaps it needs to be a demonstration of a new product your business is offering.  Maybe you simply want to incorporate clips of video into the other content you have on your Web site to give it an added dimension.  Regardless of the need, Dijital Farm can help.  Contact us today to get started and see how Dijital Farm can transform your video ideas into incredible and engaging stories!


Jon Parks

Founder/Lead Dijital Strategist at Dijital Farm, Instructor in Social Media, SEO, PPC and Google Analytics

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