Online & Pay-Per-Click Advertising


You want to get your message and your product out in front of your target audience.  But buying traditional advertising (TV, Radio, Print) is expensive and may not provide the best returns for your business.  That’s where online advertising comes into play.  With a lower cost and greater reach, you can accelerate your advertising efforts by conducting online advertising campaigns.

Display Advertising
These campaigns combine visual images along with a strong call-to-action to drive site visitors to click on the ad.  Display ads are everywhere and can range widely in price.  Dijital Farm can help your business navigate the waters of display advertising by:

  • Determining which Web sites and ad networks should make your advertising buys with and negotiating those buys for you
  • Developing your ad’s call-to-action messaging
  • Designing your advertising creative
  • Crafting a digital marketing strategy that will make the most of leads generated through your advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
These ads use text to display messages in front of searchers and visitors to Web sites based on a keyword bidding system.  Advertisers are only charged when someone clicks on the ad.  Most PPC ads are purchased through Google’s ad network.  Facebook has come on strong in the past year or so with its own advertising platform as well and has seen considerable growth.  Businesses should take a long look at PPC advertising because of the ability to target searchers and site visitors based on keywords/phrases and because the campaigns are focused on conversion/return-on-investment.  Dijital Farm has experience running PPC campaigns for clients in both Google and Facebook’s advertising environments.

Is a display or pay-per-click advertising campaign right for your business?  Contact Dijital Farm today and we’ll help you assess this area for your business and create an advertising campaign that works for you!

Jon Parks

Jon Parks

CEO, Founder & Lead Dijital Strategist

As the founder of Dijital Farm, Jon Parks builds sustainable inbound digital marketing strategies for B2B companies. Read Jon’s latest thinking on the Dijital Farm blog and contact us to learn how Dijital Farm can help your business.