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Your digital footprint. It is one of the most important parts of your business. Yet many business owners do not understand what it is or how to make the best use of it. So, it languishes and their digital footprint ends up working against them.

That’s where Dijital Farm comes in. Dijital Farm is a digital marketing consultancy that helps businesses make better use of the Internet. Sure, you’ve got a Web site, but is it doing everything it can for you? Is itoptimized for search to help you connect to your audience? Is that Facebook fan page you setup a while back actually working for you? How about that Twitter account—are you getting all you can from it?Are those pay-per-click ads you’re buying on Google really generating sales and leads? These are just some of the questions that Dijital Farm asks and can help you answer by developing a solid digital marketing strategy that focuses on making your digital footprint work for you.

But we don’t stop there. Once we’ve done the assessment and developed the strategy, we bring our network of resources to the table to help you implement the strategy. Our team of Web designers, Web developers and marketing professionals will get to work to overhaul your digital footprint and turn it into an asset for your business.

OK, But Why Dijital Farm?
That’s a fair question. We know that there are a lot of Internet marketing consultants and agencies out there and many of them are very good. But Dijital Farm is different in two ways:

  1. We are more concerned about helping you find ways to achieve your business goals in the digital space than we are with racking up billable hours for us. Bottom line: we’re all about you.  Plus, we’re really big believers in this principle.
  2. We believe that, just like an agricultural farmer, a dijital farmer must cultivate his “crops” over a period of time to make sure that they are ripe and ready to go to market. Think of it this way—does a farmer go out and plant some seed in the ground early in the day and then return a few hours later to pluck fruit off of a full-grown plant? Of course not! He tends to that crop every single day for weeks or even months until it is ready to go. We believe that good digital marketing strategies, just like good crops, cannot be rushed. So, our work focuses on doing things the right way for you, even if that isn’t always the fastest way.

Like what you’ve heard? Why not check out some of our clients and contact us today to see how we can help you improve your digital footprint!


Jon Parks

Founder/Lead Dijital Strategist at Dijital Farm, Instructor in Social Media, SEO, PPC and Google Analytics