Grande Cheese Social Media Strategy

Project Description

Grande Cheese is one of the largest providers of fresh and aged cheese to pizzeria chains across the United States. Grande Cheese wanted to create a scalable social media strategy that could be packaged and delivered to their clients for use within the restaurants to help them grow their business and strengthen the connection with their customers. Grande Cheese turned to Dijital Farm to create this social media strategy, develop the needed social media audit tools and provide training and instruction to Grande Cheese’s clients on how to deploy this social media strategy.

Project Details

Client Grande Cheese
Date 2013 – 2014
Skills Social Media Strategy, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Training

Social Media Strategy

Grande Cheese needed to create a social media strategy that was scalable so that it could be deployed to the more than 1,000 pizzeria chains they serve across the U.S. Dijital Farm created a social media strategy that focused on developing a strong foundation in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp and Google My Business. Since its initial creation, this strategy has been deployed to many of Grande Cheese’s customers and is the backbone of these pizzeria’s social media portion of their inbound digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Audit

To help their pizzeria clients prepare to deploy the social media strategy, Grande Cheese asked Dijital Farm to develop a social media audit framework that would evaluate their client’s current use of social media and identify areas that need to be improved before they begin using the social media strategy. Dijital Farm created an audit framework that evaluated a pizzeria’s use of social media and provide them with a composite score that compared their performance to their peers. This social media audit was used to kick off every engagement with a Grande Cheese social media client.

Social Media Training

Following delivery of the social media strategy, Grande Cheese wanted to their clients with social media training to help them use the tools recommended as part of the strategy. They also wanted to provide guidance to their clients on how to build out their social media accounts and deploy the social media strategy. Dijital Farm created a training curriculum and conducted training sessions with Grande Cheese clients to deliver on each of these objectives.

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